14:30     Visit the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, which still houses an active Benedictine monastic community. This gorgeous “pearl” of Romanesque architecture, built with local travertine stone, proudly stands among the olive trees. In the church you can listen to the monks singing in Gregorian chant, dressed in white robes as a symbol of their devotion to the Virgin Mary. If you would like to visit the Abbey and participate in a church service, please let us know and we can time our visit to coincide with Mass.

15:30     After this short spiritual visit we will return to the world of wine and drive to one more Brunello winery, situated in a slightly different area, so you can compare the wines by doing another tasting. During this second visit you will see different vineyards and taste a different Brunello, Rosso di   Montalcino, and other wines.

17:00     You may need a bit of air after such an intense wine tasting, so we’ll return to Montalcino for a walk, during which you can go up to the top of the fortress and get great views over the town and the beautiful Orcia Valley. In Montalcino you can visit the St. Agostina church of the 14th century with a fresco by of Vincenzo Tamagni, or simply enjoy the beauty of this small medieval town.

Don’t forget to pick up a few bottles of Brunello during your trip so you can play “sommelier” for your family and friends back home.

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